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Here are some of the rates for several of our services. We encourage you to contact us to get a price quote for your specific needs.


New System and Accessories Setup & Installation ( $ 79.00 )

This Service covers installation of (1) Computer system to include a Tower or Desktop PC, Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse, (1) Printer, Operating System Setup and a brief System Orientation.


Additional Accessory or Peripheral installation of Hardware and Drivers ( $ 29.00 )

Additional Software installation or Training, each 30-Minutes ( $ 29.00 )


Cable / DSL Internet Connection Setup ( $ 79.00 )

This Service covers installation of Verizon DSL or Cox High-Speed Cable Internet

Connection for One Computer System with e-mail and LAN card installation.


Wired & Wireless Router Setup and Configuration ( $ 79.00 )

Linksys, Netgear, Belkin and compatible Routers.

( Hardware Components not included )


Additional Computer setup for Internet Connectivity  ( $ 29.00 )

File and Print Sharing, each ( Hardware Components not included )


Hardware Diagnostics & Installation     ( $ 129.00 )

This Service covers troubleshooting of any Hardware failures in the system,

Removal of faulty hardware component and installation of new component. Hardware components include System Board, Processor, RAM/Memory modules, Video Graphics Cards, Modem, LAN card, Hard Drive or Optical Drive, CD/DVD Writers and Power Supplies. ( Hardware Components not included )


Data Backup and Data Transfer             ( $ 149.00 )

This Service covers the labor to Backup all your important Data files, E-mails, Contacts, Publications, Presentations, Pictures and any other files that need to be saved. This Service is performed using customer's CD or DVD writer, Tape Drive or External/Secondary Hard Drive. This Service also includes Transfer of Backed up Data to another System, a New installed Hard Drive or after the Operating System has been reinstalled. ( Hardware Components not included )


Hardware Upgrade & Installation         ( $  79.00 )

This Service covers installation or upgrade of Video Graphics Cards, Modems, LAN cards, Additional Hard Drive or Optical Drive, CD/DVD Writers and Power Supplies. ( Hardware Components not included )


Software Diagnostics & Troubleshooting ( $ 129.00 )

This Service covers troubleshooting of Software Applications such as Microsoft Office, Norton Anti-Virus or Internet Security Suite, McAfee Security Suite, Removal of faulty software and re-installation of software.

( Software Applications not included )


Operating System Installation               ( $ 149.00 )

This Service covers the labor to install Microsoft Windows Operating System which was purchased and shipped with a Computer after System Crash or Hard Drive Failure. This Service also includes installation of Microsoft's latest Windows Operating System as upgrade if compatible with System. Installation of all Hardware Drivers and all the latest  O/S critical Updates is also included with this Service.


Virus Infection Diagnostics & Cleanup ( $ 179.00 )

This Service covers troubleshooting and Diagnosis of Computer System's Performance, Virus Detection and Removal, Spyware Detection and Removal, System Cleanup of Unwanted software and installation of all Operating System Critical Updates. ( Virus and Spyware software not included )


General Cleaning and Toner Spill Removal ( $ 89.00 )

This Service includes removal of any Toner spills, cleaning of Paper

path, inside and outside of printer.



Maintenance Kit Installation ( $ 89.00 )

This Service includes installation of Maintenance Kit and Replacing

all the Components in a Kit which includes Fuser Assembly, Transfer

Roller and all the Separation / Feed Rollers.

( Hardware or Maintenance Kit not included )



HP JetDirect Network and Print Sharing Setup ( $ 179.00 )

This Service covers installation of HP JetDirect LAN card in any HP

LaserJet Printer and the associated Software for Print Sharing of up

to (5) Computers. ( Hardware not included )




We are unable to provide pricing estimates for many of our services, due to the unique nature of each computer system.

We may offer free estimates at your home or office. Call for an appointment and more details.



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